Master your arcane calling

About Rocklen

Rocklen immerses you in a dynamic world where you'll discover the ancient secrets and hidden unknowns of magic. You choose your path, whether it's hero, villain, wand maker, potions master (and more!): all leading to unleashing your inner arcane potential.

Learn from the best at Rocklen Institute, explore lost lands, specialize your craft, push the envelope of magic, and take part in a magical war.

Rocklen is an open world RPG set in the future when you discover magic is real, and its misuse is causing global conflict. You'll travel the world in your magical quests, slowly learning more about what magic is and how to master it.

What you do with this knowledge is really up to you.

Spell Casting

Rocklen introduces innovative spell casting mechanisms for better immersion, flexibility, and gameplay balance.

Wand and Staff Crafting

Craft your own wands and staffs in Rocklen! Find relics, grimoires, and rare artifacts to study and optimize your craft.

In-Depth Game Design Overview

Check out this 1 hour presentation where we go over Rocklen's game design, core principles, and more.

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